Nokia 6210 Navigator - General

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Select >



Phone sett.



and from the following:


— to adjust the display, standby mode, tones (such as ringing

tone), language, themes, and voice command settings

Date and time

— to set the time and date and the display format


— to change the settings for an enhancement. Select an

enhancement and the desired setting.

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S e t t i n g s

Slide handling

— to edit the slide settings. See “Keypad lock (keyguard),” p. 18,

“Make a voice call,” p. 20, and “Answer or reject a call,” p. 22.

Sensor settings

— to set which functions the accelerometer controls in your device

and activate specific sensor interactions.


— to change the device and SIM card settings, such as PIN and lock

codes; view certificate details and check authenticity; and view and edit security

When security features that restrict calls are in use (such as call barring, closed user group,
and fixed dialing), calls may be possible to the official emergency number programmed into
your device.

Factory settings

— to reset some of the settings to their original values. You need

the lock code.


(network service) — to change positioning settings. See “Positioning

settings,” p. 36.