Nokia 6210 Navigator - Bluetooth connection settings

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Bluetooth connection settings

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— to switch Bluetooth connectivity on or off

My phone's visibility

— to allow your device to be found by other devices with

Bluetooth connectivity at all times, select

Shown to all

. To allow your device to be

found for a defined time period, select

Define period

. For security reasons it is

advisable to use the


setting whenever possible.

My phone's name

— to define a name for your device

Remote SIM mode

— to enable another device, for example, a car kit, to use the

SIM card of your device using Bluetooth technology (SIM access profile)

When the wireless device is in the remote SIM mode, you can only use a compatible
connected enhancement, such as a car kit, to make or receive calls. Your wireless device will
not make any calls, except to the emergency numbers programmed into your device, while in
this mode. To make calls from your device, you must first leave the remote SIM mode. If the
device has been locked, enter the lock code to unlock it first.

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