Nokia 6210 Navigator - Transfer or synchronise data

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Transfer or synchronise data

With Phone switch, you can copy or synchronise contacts, calendar entries, and
possibly other data, such as video clips and images, from a compatible device
using a Bluetooth connection.

Depending on the other device, synchronisation may not be possible and data can
be copied only once.

1. To transfer or synchronise data, select








If you have not used Phone switch before, information about the application is
displayed. To start transferring data, select



If you have used Phone switch, select the icon

Start sync


Start retrieving


Start sending


2. When using Bluetooth technology, the devices need to be paired to transfer


Depending on the type of the other device, an application may be sent and
installed on the other device to enable the data transfer. Follow the
instructions on the display.

3. Select what content you want to transfer to your device.

4. Content is transferred to your device. The transfer time depends on the amount

of data. You can stop the transfer and continue later.

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