Nokia 6210 Navigator - Shortcuts in the standby mode

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Shortcuts in the standby mode

To open a list of most recently dialled numbers, press the call key.

To call your voice mailbox, press and hold the 1 key.

To use the voice commands or voice dialling, press and hold the right
selection key.

To listen to new received messages, press and hold the left selection key until

Msg. reader


To change the profile, briefly press the power key, and select a profile.

To quickly change to silent profile from any other profile, in the standby mode,
press and hold #.

To start a connection to the web, press and hold 0.

Depending on the selected standby theme, you can select applications or events to
add to a shortcut list in the standby mode or the scroll keys. To select the
applications or events, select




Phone sett.






Standby mode