Nokia 6210 Navigator - Call

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and from the following:

Send my caller ID

(network service) — to display or hide your phone number from

the person to whom you are calling

Call waiting

(network service) — See “Call waiting,” p. 23.

Reject call with message


Message text

— See “Answer or reject a call,” p. 22.

Own video in recvd. call

— to set whether you allow to send your own video image

when you receive a video call

Image in video call

— to select a still image to be shown when you deny a video


Automatic redial

— to set your device to make a maximum of 10 attempts to

connect the call after an unsuccessful call attempt

Show call duration


Summary after call

— to set the device to display the call

duration during a call and the approximate duration of the last call

Speed dialling

— See “Speed dialling,” p. 21.

Anykey answer

— to answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key, except

the left and right selection keys, volume keys, and end key

Line in use

(network service) — to select the phone lines for making calls and

sending short messages. This is shown only if the SIM card supports two phone

Line change

(network service) — to enable or disable the line selection