Nokia 6210 Navigator - Make a video call

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Make a video call

To make a video call, you may need to have a USIM card and be within the
coverage of a UMTS network. For availability of and subscription to video call
services, contact your service provider. A video call can only be made between two
parties and when no other voice, video, or data calls are active. The video call can
be made to a compatible mobile phone or an ISDN client.

You have captured a still image to be sent instead of video sending.

You have denied video sending from your device.

1. Enter the phone number in the standby mode and select

Video call

. Or, select



, scroll to the desired contact, and select



Video call


2. To change between showing video or only hearing sound during a video call,

select from the toolbar

Enable video sending


Disable video sending


If you have denied video sending during a video call, the call is still charged as
a video call. Check the pricing with your network operator or service provider.

3. To end the video call, press the end key.