Nokia 6210 Navigator - Synchronisation

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Synchronisation updates the e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks content on your
mobile device with the content of your Microsoft Exchange account. You can
customise the way you synchronise by setting up a profile in which you can:

• Select the content you want to synchronise - e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks,

or any combination of the four.

• Set up a schedule by which Mail for Exchange automatically synchronises.

(You can also synchronise manually at any time.)

• Resolve content conflicts during synchronisation by specifying whether the

content of your account on the Microsoft® Exchange server or your mobile
device prevails when a conflict occurs.

• Select Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to increase the security between your mobile

device and the Exchange server.

• Select how you want to be alerted when you receive an e-mail.

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